Personalized Exercise Programming

You will be assigned a personalized exercise programme on your specific goals, needs, and preferences. This will involve workouts that focus on improving strength, endurance, flexibility, or other physical abilities.

Nutritional Guidance

I provide all my clients with guidance on healthy eating habits and help you to develop a balanced and nutritious diet. Example Meal Plans will be provided.

Motivation and Support

For times where you feel like you can’t do it anymore or think about stopping. I will be on the other end of a message or E-mail to keep you on track to achieving the goals YOU set out to Achieve.

Virtual Check-ins and Training Sessions

As an Online Coach check-ins need to be carried out virtually. Either through video call or through my AWG Fitness app. Sessions can be carried out virtually and to check your form on certain exercises.

Educational Resources

On sing up you will be sent educational documents for everything you need, and that I need from you to get you started. Aswell as my blogs on here and my E-mail subscription service.

Specialized Training

Your training can be tailored to meet your specialized needs, including considerations for specialized sports, injuries, reduced mobility, or disabilities.

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